Our services

We offer Premium Flight Services and understand what it takes to make a flight smooth and enjoyable.


Decades of experience

With decades of experience servicing private flights and operators, we are ready to meet any requirements efficiently and reliably whether it is a fuel stop, diversion, military aircraft or a VVIP flight. We also offer full commercial charter services including passenger check-in and baggage handling. We have an in-house flight kitchen ready to meet your catering requirements.

In our brand new VIP lounge on the East Apron at Keflavik airport we offer our customers access to state of the art facilities including complimentary drinks and snacks, duty free shopping, crew and passenger lounge, shower room, private flight planning/briefing room and workstations with internet access.

We are open 24/7 and our experienced team is focused on delivering a friendly, efficient and personalized experience on every visit.

Passenger and crew services

  • Private VIP Lounge with complimentary snacks and drinks
  • Red Carpet Welcome
  • Duty free shopping
  • Shower room
  • Work Stations with free Wifi Access
  • Conference Room
  • Flight Planning Room
  • Weather briefings
  • Liaison with Customs, Immigration and Security
  • Hotel and transportation arrangements
  • Transportation directly to and from aircraft
  • Car Rental and delivery at FBO
  • Full Catering services
  • Laundry Services
  • Activities and excursion planning
  • Full Concierge Service

Aircraft services

  • Quick Turnarounds
  • Direct Ramp Access
  • Fuel Service (all major credit and fuel cards accepted)
  • GSE and Ramp support for all aircraft types
  • GPU (free for one hour)
  • Potable Water
  • Lavatory Service
  • Oxygen Service
  • Anti-and Deicing Service
  • Cargo Handling and Warehouse Services
  • Full Charter Service including check-in and baggage service
  • Maintenance support
  • No PPR required for Military Aircraft
  • Hangar space (subject to availability)
  • Large illuminated GA Apron